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My Wedding Video

Let's talk about...      

the bride and groom.

My Memory Wedding Video is a very special present that you can give to a newlywed couple.  This piece will focus on both parents telling their stories of each child.  This can be played at a wedding reception and allow the guests to indulge into the lives of the bride and groom.  It can just be the parents, or you can add the bride and groom.  This gift will be timeless gift that your children will be able to watch one day, and when they ask about your life, you can show them the video.

How it works?  We will interview the parents or close family on both sides to give a history of the bride and groom.  We then take old pictures and videos and put together a 15-30 minute piece where you can show it a wedding reception or if wanted we can film the wedding and add video afterwards.

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