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My Graduation Documentary 

Hey, do you remember when?

...let's talk about their life.

This is a great gift to give to your graduating son or daughter.  Parents love to give a gift that can last a lifetime, and this is one of them.  This video is about the parents telling their story about their children.  This is a gift to the future graduate about their life and what it was like as a parent. What is special about this, is when they become parents themselves, then they can relate to your experiences.   This is also a great way to pass on a tradition of loving memories to come.

How it works?  Our professional crew comes to your hose to interview relatives of the graduate.  Then you provide us with some of their old photos and videos from their youth, and we put it together the  with some music from our Grammy nominated team.  It's that simple, and your child will have a memory of their youth forever.  


Click the Image Above to Play Sample Video

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