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My Life Video

Grab a cup of coffee...

          and tell me YOUR story. 

Imagine having your own personal Documentary that focuses on your life story.  Being able to capture your history on video will help generations to remember where they came from.   As we grow older, most of us can agree, plus it is scientifically proven, that our long term memory becomes embedded in our brain.  A picture can trigger a buried memory and recall a precise moment in time much more rapidly than words.  This is possible because our brains are so efficient at storing the 'essence' of a picture, capturing not just the subject, but specific visual qualities.  This is a Generational Video that will last forever.

How does it work?  We will come to your house, or place you desire, to shoot an interview of you.  Then, we take the footage we just shot, grab some of your old photos or videos and edit it together to tell your story.  We will add a layer of our music from a nominated Grammy artist and then you have it, your own documentary.  


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