These are just a few of the personal documentaries we've created.

Whose story do you want to capture before time passes by and the moment has passed?

What reflections, remembrances, and revelations need to be explored?

Who will benefit from learning more about their family, their history, their loved ones?

What seasons of life will not come this way again?

Consider what type of My Memory Video you might want. Is this a wedding present? A graduation message from Mom and Dad? An interview with Grandpa while he is still able to tell his story?


We can partner with you to create a personal documentary that will serve as a living time capsule for generations to come. We believe every person has a story--we want to help you tell it.

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Do you have a mother, father, grandparent or even yourself whose story needs to be captured? Maybe you would like to give a wedding present, telling the story of the bride or groom as they grew up.  How about a time-tested gift for life, a video story of your son or daughter for graduation, showing their life up until now?  

My Memory Video is an in-depth, personal documentary created just for you or a loved one, featuring interviews, reflections, historical retrospectives and personal stories that capture a moment, a season, or a lifetime of those you love.

Life never stops moving. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and years slip by in the blink of an eye.  Who do you want to remember, right now, just as they are?


Our belief is that every person has a story--and that stories are meant to be told. What will your family, your friends, your future generations know and understand? What don't they know? What will they wish to remember?


My Memory Video is a living time capsule, created by professionals with the highest quality and creativity; honoring, recording, and telling the stories that make a life.

This is where your personal documentary begins.


We are here for you. 

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My Memory Video

Your personal documentary

The My Memory Video team, based in Los Angeles, is comprised of professionals with decades of experience in film, television, music, production, marketing, and story-telling. Our Production team has experience in over a hundred TV episodes, feature films, documentaries and music videos; which include editing, directing and producing.  Our marketing team has nearly 2 decades of experience working with  QVCHSNZumba Fitness, Beachbody and others.  While our music director has been nominated for a Grammy.

Each additional team member has been vetted, proven, and understands the importance of setting, style, and quality as well as the fine art of drawing out people and stories that are real, relatable, and memorable. Every interview and each personal documentary is produced with the professionalism and passion of those who know their craft.


We offer a variety of packages based on the depth, length, and content you wish to capture in your personal documentary.



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